Wood Mold Construction Manual

This Construction Manual contains a list of materials and directions on how to assemble and operate the Wood Mold. Click the button in your preferred language to download a copy of the Manual.

This Manual is dated March 1, 2018. If your Construction Manual has an earlier date, please download the current version. 

Appendix to Construction Manual

The Appendix contains supplementary information such as safety procedures, common problems and solutions, hardware purchasing guide, and wood selection. We highly recommend you use the Appendix in conjunction with the Manual for the best results.

This Appendix is dated August 17, 2016. If your Appendix has an earlier date, please download the current version. 

Introduction to BioSand Filters

This Introduction contains information regarding how BSFs work, their different components, frequently asked questions, and more. If you're interested in learning more about BSFs or are thinking of starting a project, start here! 

This document is dated November 4, 2015. If you downloaded this document before this date, please download the current version.